András Ladocsi

András Ladocsi

Creative, intellectual and aesthetic diversity are general characteristics of an artist’s early works. While this holds true for the works of Andris Ladocsi, his art also exhibits noticeable cohesion. This cohesion does not sprout from a laboured stylistic mannerism, but instead from the explicit and successful display of a distinct vision.

A vital part of Andris’s personality involves the desire for seeking and finding truth obscured by the subject he observes. At the same time he is ready to question the acquired truth where appropriate. This restless attitude is responsible for the uncertainty and polarity in his style, and enables him to create truly exciting art. All his works reassure and delight the viewer, but are equally capable of discomforting her. In Andris’s photos, naturalism and realism is greatly aestheticized and organised into tight compositions. The works oscillate between an intimate and a more distanced approach. The artist’s intent to systematise, and will to create is unavoidably present on the pictures, but his neutral use of space and backgrounds completely freed from identity, provide adaquate territory for the observer’s personal interpretation.

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