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the largest public artwork to date


Artist Serkan Özkaya imagined and constructed the largest public artwork to date, namely a second moon adjacent to the existing one. It’s called MyMoon and it floats next to the moon at all times even when no one is looking at it. Using the smartphone as a window one can see MyMoon clearly. It is visible from any point on earth and from space.

It’s just like Galileo directing the telescope to the sky and the moon. It gives people the chance to see the sky through a new gadget. – Serkan Özkaya on the MyMoon app.

Using the smart phone’s GPS and compass, the MyMoon app detects the double-moon in the sky and makes it visible. MyMoon rotates in close proximity to the moon, yet unlike the earth’s satellite MyMoon is visible outdoors and indoors.

The app directs you with an arrow towards MyMoon and once it is located you have the opportunity to take a snapshot of your personal experience and share it with the world by clicking the button in the lower right corner. The resulting user pictures collect on MyMoon‚s website  / mymoonapp.com / building a large pool of images and creating an extensive library of MyMoon experiences.

Participate in this collective art project by using the MyMoon app and imagine a parallel universe whilst looking in the sky in a new way.

MyMoon is your moon!