Zuzana Šrámková

Zuzana Šrámková

Zuzana Šrámková

12.9. 1988

I was born in Ostrava. For my photos is Ostrava essential. People here are very strange, special, with open minds. Sometimes they are totally oposite. But this is Ostrava. You can meet love of your life here or be punched to the stomach. In my work I focus on the issue of people living in social context. At 2015 I created a book Undercurrent ( „Spodní proud”) which is about people living on Spodní street. This work is still continue and now is focuse on the other street and different people.


2009 – 2013: University of Ostrava, College of Education, Field: Social worker

2013 – 2015: University of Ostrava, Faculty of Fine Arts, Field: Creative Photography

2015 – present: University of Ostrava, Faculty of fine Arts, Field: New media


2015 – 2016: Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava, Field: Photography

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